Online classes for kids, age 4-16
Retain and learn Russian with children living abroad
Modern teachers from Russia
Effective methods that allow you to learn Russian 2 times faster
Group and private classes
Your kid will
have the opportunity to get education in Russian
be able to communicate with relatives in Russian
be able to read Russian classical literature in the original: Chekhov, Pushkin, Tolstoy
find Russian-speaking friends from all over the world
learn about the culture and traditions and understand the subtleties of the language
be able to speak Russian fluently
Any parents who have moved to live abroad face these questions:
If your kid will need to return to Russia or work in a Russian-speaking company, will they be able to confirm their Russian language skills?
Will he ever read Pushkin and Tolstoy in Russian?
Will your kid be able to communicate freely with his grandparents in 2 years? And in 5 years? What about other relatives from Russia?
Will your kid understand the subtleties of the language and proverbs, sayings, fairy tales?
How to help your kid to retain the Russian language in a foreign-language environment?
Book a free trial lesson for your kid in one of the groups according to age
age 4-6
age 7-9
age 9-12
age 13-16
How classes are organized
Monthly feedback from the teacher
Kids speak 60% of the time in class
group corresponding to your kid's language knowledge level
Test after every 12 classes
Weekend conversation club for kids from all over the world
Real-time online classes, not recorded video
Margarita Petrova
It's really cool and convenient to study online if a teacher knows how to capture learners' attention. We have a very negative experience with Zoom from kindergarten, but it's different with you! Kids are just crazy about these classes.
Polina Miksuta
My son is 9 years old, he really likes your Russian classes. He enjoys studying online, thank you for your professionalism.
We are very happy to be your students. If someone is still thinking, do not doubt, excellent teachers and excellent knowledge. My son learned to read in Russian in two months and continues to study.
Ekaterina Zatkalyuk
Kristina Valesova
I really liked the course structure. The tasks are arranged in a logical and simple way. Clear structure of grammar and spelling. Svetlana treats children with great love and attention.
Svetlana Baunschmidt
My son is 10 years old, he really likes your Russian classes. He enjoys studying online, thank you for your professionalism.
When we started studying online, my daughter could hold attention for 15-20 minutes, the last lesson lasted 45 minutes but she demanded to continue, it's all due to Ekaterina and you.
Marina Ivanova
Margarita Malikova
This is a super course. Svetlana Viktorovna is the best online teacher ever! Surprisingly, my kid studied only Russian here, but he started getting better grades in all subjects at school. Thank you very much!
Antonina Vlasova
I really liked the course. Easy to learn and play. Svetlana Viktorovna is the best teacher.
I really liked the individual and attentive approach of the teacher. Everything was awesome, thank you! You have to appreciate the efficiency, the helpfulness and the professionalism of the managers.
Valentina Stepanova
Our team
Our team consists of education professionals, minimum 5 years work experience
  • Ekaterina Larionova
    Russian as a foreign language teacher

    • Teaching Russian as a foreign language and Russian as a second native language since 2009
    • Methodologist of educational programs for bilingual children and promoting the Russian language abroad. Online learning methodologist
    • Head of the Russian Language and Culture Centre "Nadezhda" in Spain
  • Tatiana Buldakova
    Russian language teacher for preschoolers and schoolchildren
    • Education: Kamchatka State University, teacher-psychologist, English language teacher;
    • Saint Petersburg Pedagogical University, Russian as a Foreign Language teacher.
    • Work experience with children since 2004.
    • She worked in elementary school, taught additional education classes.
    • Teacher at the Russian Language and Culture Center in Spain.
  • Maria Vitorovich
    Russian as a foreign language teacher

    • Graduated from RUDN University (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia), RFL teacher. Worked at MSUCE (Moscow State University of Civil Engineering)
    • Writes scientific articles in the Russian Science Citation Index
    • Working with children and adults since 2016
  • Maria Puha
    Russian as a foreign language teacher

    • Graduated from Pedagogical University of St. Petersburg
    • Working with adults and bilingual children for more than 15 years
    • Russian language teacher for her own bilingual children who are fluent Russian speakers
    • Working online
    • Constantly participating in conferences, webinars on the related topics
  • Ekaterina Bragina
    Russian as a foreign language teacher

    • Ph.D. in Pedagogy. Graduated from the Volgograd State Pedagogical University
    • Postgraduate professional diploma of RFL teacher at Moscow State University.
    • Working with children and adults since 2008, has created educational programs for children development centers
    • For the last 3 years teaching RFL online and offline for adults and children from 5 to 13 years old
  • Natalia Panova
    Russian as a foreign language teacher

    • Graduated from Moscow State University, specialist in Intercultural Communication, RFL teacher
    • Additional education at the Institute of Professional Education (Moscow), educational psychologist
    • Examiner of Russian as a foreign language tests (TORFL)
    • Conductong interactive individual and group lessons for children and adults around the world
  • Elena Emelyanova
    Russian language and literature teacher

    • Education: MCU (Moscow City University), MSU (Moscow State University, Professional Development Diploma "methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language")
    • Work experience: more than 10 years
    • She worked at school. From 2014 to 2019, she was the director of the Russian school in Bari, Southern Italy
  • Nadezhda Malygina

    • Education: Stavropol State University, primary school teacher.
    • 20 years of work experience with children.
    • She tought courses and was a member of the jury of various competitions for teachers.
    • Primary school teacher in an online school, prepares children from different countries for school and teaches them the Russian language online
Additional classes
Theory of research problems solving
Preparing for school
Age 5-6
Starting 1200 rub per 1 class/ 19 USD
private classes 45 minutes
7800 rub/ 124 USD
mini-groups of up to 3 people
8 classes

groups of up to 6 people
8 classes

5200 rub/ 74 USD
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